Hitotsubashi University, a national university in Tokyo that boasts the best social science research and education in Japan, established the Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study (HIAS) in 2014 as an interdepartmental research organization directly under the President. HIAS aims to be (1) a hub for international joint research that brings together researchers from inside and outside the University, as well as (2) a center for interdisciplinary research that addresses social issues. Since its establishment in 2014, HIAS has engaged in various international research projects and has seen many first-rate academic achievements. Building on these accomplishments, HIAS is now launching a new project, “HIAS BRIDGES,” with the aim of enriching the academic community by extending its capacity as a research hub and supporting young researchers.

HIAS BRIDGES consists of 2 unique projects; “HIAS BRIDGES Next”, which aims to recruit young, next-generation scholars, and HIAS BRIDGES Distinguished which is a project catered towards inviting internationally renowned researchers from abroad.