[Report] The 5th HIAS Brown Bag Seminar: “HIAS Brain Research Center (HIAS-BRC)”


Welcoming Director Haruaki Fukuda (Associate Professor, Graduate School of Social Data Science) and Assistant Professor Takeshi Asamizuya (Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study) at HIAS Brain Research Center (HIAS-BRC) held the 5th HIAS Brown Bag Seminar on 4 July, 2024.
The role and purpose of the HIAS Brain Science Research Center and fMRI were introduced and a lively discussion ensued among all who attended.


The HIAS Brown Bag Seminar is a new seminar series hosted by Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study (HIAS).
The seminar series aims to promote interaction between HIAS researchers, faculty members, and students university-wide.
HIAS, with its 11 research centers, will continue to strive to function as a hub to facilitate active research collaboration throughout the University.

Assistant Prof. Takeshi Asamizuya

Director Haruaki Fukuda, HIAS-BRC